How Tall Do We Want Our Town?

Currently, there are several proposals at various stages of the planning process on and around East Street and Dogflud Way.

And some, if not all, of these are likely to have a significant impact on the town centre,

The most recent proposal includes a six storey development of flats to replace the existing commercial development, including the former Vale Furnishing shop, the MOTtest Centre, Anytime Gym and the Phyllis Tuckwell shop. 

This site is allocated for housing in the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan, but it’s doubtful that anyone ever envisaged a development six storeys high. 

We have serious concerns that the east side of our town is at risk of becoming a collection of modern high rise monstrosities, out of keeping with the rest of the town.

We accept that there will be opportunities to integrate walking and cycling routes to create the much needed connectivity North to South and East to West, but the price to pay looks to be too high.

The Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Is Vital

The planning system is completely broken, so, as a community, we will have to work hard to create the best possible plan for our town.

It is vital that everyone engages in the planning process and the update of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan (FNP). Once a site is in the FNP, or has outline planning approval through WBC (or on appeal), our opportunities to influence developments are limited.

Farnham Needs Appropriate Infrastructure

We plan to continue to focus on the infrastructure that is needed for existing Farnham residents and those moving to our town and work with other local Councillors to look for funding opportunities.

This infrastructure needs to include more secondary school places (which will probably require a new school) and more sports pitches.

It needs to protect our green corridors and increasing biodiversity whilst also maximising opportunities for residents to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to and from key locations such as local schools, shops, doctors and the town centre.

Once the necessary funding is secured, the priority Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) routes developed last summer will deliver schemes that will help with local school routes in particular.

However, this is simply the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and more work must be done.

Please work with the Farnham Residents Group to make our Town the best it can be given opportunities and constraints that exist. 

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