The Madness Of McDonalds

Is there any Farnham resident who thinks that putting a new McDonalds next door to a nature reserve is anything other than madness?  It’s certainly the view of Farnham Residents, the political group that best represents the residents of Farnham.

Sited next to a service station that is already blighting the local area with large amounts of litter that is left to community groups to clear up, the proposed McDonalds, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is likely to exacerbate the issue, with takeaway packaging almost certainly finding its way into both Tice’s Meadow Nature Reserve and Tongham Ponds Site of Nature Conservation Interest.

And the environmental impact doesn’t end there.

In addition to increased air pollution from additional traffic, with both customer and delivery vehicles static in queues with engines idling waiting for drive-through and/or collection service, the proposed development includes a 12m illuminated golden arches sign which, along with several other illuminated signs, will significantly add to local light pollution.

There is likely to be negative impacts on biodiversity, priority species, priority and irreplaceable habitats, water quality, waterbodies and riparian corridors, with the proposed development including a sewer connection to the north bank of the Blackwater River and a surface water drainage outflow into the river itself.

With an existing McDonalds less than two miles away, Farnham does not deserve to endure the environmental impact of another takeaway restaurant, and we would encourage Farnham residents to take every opportunity to oppose the planning application (ref 23/P/01831) on the Guildford Borough Council planning portal:

It was a community effort that helped save the Badshot Lea Ancient Orchard, and another community effort to oppose this planning application will help protect even more of our wonderful local environment.

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