Object Now to Burning Rubbish 24/7

Veolia is a multinational firm that wants to demolish the current recycling plant near Alton and replace it with an incinerator to burn residual residential and commercial waste. This is waste that cannot be recycled and would otherwise go to landfill.

The planned incinerator will be 40m high with two 80m chimneys, which the company acknowledges could be visible from miles away. The plume of smoke and steam will clearly be higher than the chimneys and we are worried about the impact of this on the local landscape, particularly as the proposed site is so close to the South Downs National Park.

Veolia’s planning application states that the plant will burn 330,000 tonnes of residual residential and commercial waste annually, which will generate enough electricity to power around 75,000 homes in Hampshire. However, we understand that the facility could release around 10,000 tonnes of hazardous waste each year through its flue-cleaning process.

We believe that the choice of this site is totally inappropriate for an industrial complex, which will dominate the rural landscape and the towns and villages nearby. It will also result in thousands of extra HGV vehicle journeys annually along the A31 through Farnham and the surrounding area.

The Hampshire CC public consultation period for Veolia’s planning application is open until 14 August and anyone can lodge an objection no matter where you live.

To find out more and how to object, click here: https://www.noweyincinerator.com/object

George Hesse

Farnham Castle Ward

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