Chinooks over Farnham

I have constantly complained since 2004 about the Chinooks and failed to obtain details for any emergency plans were a Chinook to crash on Farnham. However considering the tragic shambolic response to Grenfell Tower this is now no surprise. It is also of deep concern that the criminal prosecutions for Grenfell have not commenced. No Local Authority with safety competence would have clad buildings with cladding that aids a fire, it is gross negligence.

When the Airspace becomes controlled it is my understanding that the Chinooks  will no longer to be able to do what they like, they will be subject to control. What irritates is that Chinooks fly at the speed that creates maximum noise. They also represent a flying bomb for terrorists as a pigeon hitting the windscreen poses a threat.

Brian Edmonds

Wrecclesham and Rowledge

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