Putting People Before Politics

Farnham Residents Group

Farnham Residents Group

An Independent Voice For Farnham Residents

Our purpose is to create a system whereby the opinions of
 local residents and local businesses are listened to and
 represented faithfully.

Our candidates are dedicated to representing the interests and views of local residents and businesses with integrity, free of any party whip.

We provide the residents of Farnham with a recognisable and respected democratic alternative to the established political parties.

We aim to improve Farnham’s health, education, infrastructure and prosperity by minimising wasteful government interference.


Farnham Residents Group

A Continued Commitment To Farnham

Farnham Residents Councillors Are Continually Working Together With Town, Borough & County Council Officers

Brightwells Development

To ensure that the Brightwells Development, imposed on the town by the Conservatives, becomes a success for Farnham.

Council Budgets
To maintain front line services by producing efficient Council budgets that minimise increases in Council Tax.

To protect Farnham’s environment through programmes that encourage bio-diversity and combat climate change.

To conserve Farnham’s heritage in balance with the needs of both current residents and future generations.
To campaign for appropriate infrastructure (schools, roads, doctors’ surgeries etc.) to keep pace with new housing.
Public Transport
To improve the provision of new public transport initiatives, tailored to the requirements of local  communities.
Social Housing

To promote social housing over inappropriate developments forced upon the town by predatory developers. 

Speed Limits / HGV
To support plans to extend and reinforce the established HGV ban and 20 MPH zones, particularly outside schools.
Sports & Leisure
To promote the development of council owned land to become sports and leisure facilities to be enjoyed by all ages.
What’s Happening

Where We’re Working For Farnham

Farnham Residents Councillors Are Continually Campaigning To Preserve, Protect And Provide A Better Farnham For You.

Farnham Residents: Putting People Before Politics To Preserve, Protect And Provide A Better Farnham